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Television Demonstration Unit - TDU

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This is a work-in-progress as information is gathered


Input by Martyn Clarke (circa 2018)

The work of this unit has been resurrected at the Sandford Mill Industrial Museum in Chelmsford by a team of veteran engineers. There are additional clips here and here


We are into the fifth Friday Summer of Science at the Mill, and are now using green screen to do some Harry Potter flying where kids and grown ups can dress up and fly a broom stick over Galleywood Common, or read the news with autocue from the International space station, or other scripts.


We are a crew of 8; 6 are ex-Marconi, Martyn Clarke, Andrew Fremont, Paul Batho, John Rhodes, Charlie Manning, Peter Smolka (Keith Hammond has now moved away).


We normally work Monday mornings and anyone interested, especially younger engineers, are most welcome.


Editors note - 2022

Due to a disgraceful action by the Chelmsford Museum Service this activity no longer exists.




Comments (1)

Andrew Grafton said

at 1:08 am on Nov 27, 2019

Well there are some names from the past! At least Martyn, Andy and Paul should remember me. I loved that job working on the B3410 right up until I left to move to France. I'm still there (still with Annie) else I'd love to meet up with you Guys and help a bit , even if I never could do any of the really clever stuff.
Andy Grafton

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