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Closed-circuit Television

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  Model No. Approx. Date Description Details Comments  
    BD871 < 1960 Closed-circuit Vidicon Camera Channel here    
      1961 Industrial TV Accessories for BD871  here    
      1961 Dustproof and Waterproof Housings for BD871  here    
    BD879 < 1960 14" Picture Monitor here    
    BD889 1960 8.5" Picture Monitor here    
    BD884 1960 Vidicon Telecine equipment here    
      < 1960 Industrial Television Accessories here    
    BD928  1961  Underwater Television equipment  here    
    BD848 and BD877  1961  Colour TV Camera Channels  here    
    BD875 and 7173A  1961  Colour TV Display units  here    
      1961  Colour Television Test equipment  here    
      1961  Pulse and Coding equipment for Colour Television  here    




Most products are shown diagrammatically here but a full list, with their availabilities where known, are listed here.





An introduction to CCTV (1963) is available here


An introduction to Colour CCTV (1963) is available here and in 1965 here


A description of the equipment available for use by the CCTV group's van be viewed here.


Cooperative between Marconi and AMPEX in Wiesbaden in 1963 here




General articles


Looking into the future (1955) can be viewed here


Article on the Underwater Eye (1954) can be viewed here 


Hands out of danger (1957) can be viewed here




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