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Marconi in Television Broadcasting

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Extracts from the 1952 Marconi Catalogue


Since no two broadcasting administrations have the same operating requirements, it is necessary that a range of broadcasting and television equipment be made as versatile and flexible as possible.  From the small station whose initial layout is designed with a view to further expansion, to the large organisation where complex systems are employed, there is, however, a need for units specially designed to customer's requirements.  The Marconi aim, therefore, is twofold: to provide for the more common requirements by an extensive series of products beginning with microphone and camera and including every intermediate link in both sound and vision channels and ending finally with the antenna.  Secondly, to engineer particular schemes and manufacture custom-built equipments.  A subsidiary factor, but nevertheless an important one, is the provision to meet the various standards accepted in different parts of the world, particularly in regard to television technique.


It is no mean boast then to state that Marconi can meet every requirement in AM and FM broadcasting and in the wide field simply known as Television.


A guide provided by Marconi in 1952 on the subject of Television Planning is available here.



Extract from the 1964 Marconi Catalogue











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