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Product Models

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Additional information


Marconi also offered television for hire.  This included everything from camera to transmission.  The 1966 brochure is available here.


The introduction of Marconi colour television in around 1958 is illustrated in the brochure here.


A recently contributed set of sales brochures:


Marconi B3730 Vision Mixer Systems
Marconi B4300 Equipment Housings
Marconi B4004 Vision-Pulse DA
Marconi B3750 Auxiliary Video Units
Marconi B3404 Telecine
Marconi B3724 Vision Mixer
Marconi B3727 Presentation Switcher
Marconi B3656 Communications Equipment
Marconi B3215 MkVIII Colour Camera
Marconi B3300 Camera Lenses and Auxiliaries
Marconi B3373 Colour Coder
Marconi B1337 Sound Amplifier





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