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Press and Ads

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Press clippings


The press clippings have been restructured by year to make it easier reading and to simplify its ongoing updating. 


  Year Television Separate update  
1956 here
  1960 here    
  1961 here    
  1962 here    
  1963 here    
  1964 here    
  1965 here    
  1966 here  
  1967 here  
  1968 here  
  1969 here  
  1970 here  
  1971 here  
  1972 here  
  1973 here here  
  1974 here  
  1975 here  
  1976 here  
  1977 here  
  1978 here  
  1979 here  
  1980 here  
  1981 here  
  1982 here here  
  1983 here  
  1984 here  
  1985 here  
  1986 here  
  1987 here  





Although not strictly a press release here is a leaflet on the Marconi open day held at Sandford Mill in April 2015.






This section has been revised to simplify the access mechanism by having advertisements in date order and by eliminating unnecessary duplicates.   Where there are multiple insertions the subsequent dates have been added to the original page.  File sizes have also been reduced to reduce download speed.


Adverts 1960 - 1964


Adverts 1965 - 1969


Adverts 1970 - 1974


Adverts 1975 + 





This entry has been  kindly provided by Raymond Greenfield and relates to an award given by the Royal Television Society:



1972 J.L. Baldwin, H.D. Kitchin and A.D. Stalley 'An Advanced Line Standards Converter using digital Techniques'


Click here for details and go to page 5. 






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