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MkIX Camera Channels

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Model number 


Description  Comments  Dates (approx.)  Details 
B3265  MkIX Colour Camera    c. 1980  here 
B3270  MkIX Portable Colour Camera    c. 1980  here 


A YouTube video on the MkIX Colour Camera can be found here.


An audio sound track of the MkIX camera announcement in the US made by Ed Bishop at the March 1979 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) can be listened to here (large file). 



Further reading


The MkIX - a camera for the 80's by N.N. Parker Smith 1978 click here


An update to the MkIXB colour camera by N.N. Parker Smith 1981 click here


Automatic facilities for the MkIX camera by Mrs G.B.M. Claydon 1978 click here


The MkIX camera Coder by R.W.Fenton 1978 click here


The MkIX triax camera system by G.R. Bousted 1979 click here


The MkIX portable colour camera by R. Matchell 1979 click here


The MkIX camera video processing system by S.T. Mansfield 1980 click here 






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