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Telecines introduction

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The table below lists the models of telecine equipment that Marconi produced:


  Model number Description Comments Date (approx.) Details   
  BD620 Flying-Spot Caption Scanner   < 1958 here  
  BD679  16mm Film Recording Channel    < 1958 here  
  BD680 Telecine equipment, IO, valve, MkII camera   1951 - 1955 here  
  BD844 Vidicon Telecine Channel   1958 here  
  BD872 Optical Multiplexor   1958 here  
  BD884 Telecine equipment, vidicon, valve   1960 - 1961 here  
  BD888  Vidicon Telecine Channel   1959  here  
    Simplex Telecine, 35 and 16mm for colour and monochrome    c. 1964  here  
  BD894A  Slide Projector    < 1963 here   
  BD894C  Dual Slide Projector, with optical mixing    < 1963 here   
  BD897  Caption and Clock Scanner    1962 here  
    Telecine ancillary units    1959  here  
  BD922A Telecine equipment, vidicon, with 16mm Bauer projector, Philips 35mm projector, BD896 camera.  The camera had a CCU and PSU in MIV format and mounted vertically taking the output from the Optical Multiplexor.   1960 - 1964 here  
  B3451  Vidicon Telecine Channel    < 1965  here  
  B3400  16mm Telecine Channel    1966 here  
  B3401  Simpex Telecine, 35mm and 16mm    < 1965 here  
  B3402 Telecine equipment, follow-on from the BD922A but with a modified MkVII camera head 2 installed at Granada TV




c. 1968 (PTV)





  4 installed at ITN  
  3 installed at Yorkshire TV  
  B3404 Telecine equipment, based on MkVIII camera   1976 - 1981 here  
  B3410 Line Array Telecine equipment   ~1982 here  
  B3440  Slide Projector    < 1965 here  
  B3442  Slide Projector    < 1968 here  
  B3450  Caption and Clock Scanner    < 1965 here  
  B3510  16mm Film Recording Channel    < 1965 here  
  B3511  16mm Film Recording Channel    < 1968 here  



Design philosophies of the B3400 series


Please refer here to view the design philosophies of the B3400 series of telecine equipment.



Further reading


Advances in helical video tape recorders for TV broadcasting by A.N. Heightman 1977 click here 


Gamma in Telecine by D.A Pay and A. de M. Fremont 1972 click here








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