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Photos of OB Vans

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Photographs and articles of OB vans



Click here for Marconi Television Demonstration Unit (TDU) photographs


Click here to view photographs of many of the OB vans shipped by Marconi all over the world


Click here for the Olympic Games, Innsbruck in 1964


Click here for an article on the Intertel OB system


Click here for an article on the 2-camera OB system for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation


Click here for an article on the OB systems for Switzerland


Click here for a world first - the televising of the Adolph Eichmann trial.  More details here.


Click here for photos of OB activities in Australia during 1975


Click here for photos of OB activities in Kuwait in 1975


Click here for photos of the OB van and TV centre for Southern Television in 1969


Click here for photos of the Tyne Tees OB van leaving New Street 


Click here for a website entitled Television Outside Broadcast history







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