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The Eichmann Trial

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Input provided by Ron Huntsman


This year (2015) is the 70th anniversary of the overthrow of the concentration camps in 1945.


In 1961 Marconi were asked to provide a four-camera production system to televise the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem and I was asked to manage the project.  These are copies of the photographs taken at the time.  The BBC have just broadcast a series to comemorate the anniversary, the main one being "The Eichmann Show", it may have been broadcast in Australia already, dont know.


The programme is about how it was televised and the effect the trial material had on us who were there.  It is a very dramatic production and contains a lot of the trial material and early concentraion camp film.  I am in the programme and played by an actor called Ben Addis.


If you type "The Eichmann Show" into Google you can view it (Ed: this can only be viewed in the UK due to BBC's I-Viewer restrictions).  This was a major achievement for Marconi TDU (Television Demonstration Unit) and has become an historical event as it was broadcast worldwide in 37 countries and in the UK every day.  As you can imagine the main characters are the producer and director and we are in the background, however, an amazing experience.


The original photographs are available here.





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Martyn Clarke said

at 12:47 am on Jan 16, 2015

BBC 2 9.00pm Tues. 20th Jan. 2015 Television Drama documentary "The Eichmann Show" It will be interesting to see if Marconi get a mention, all the Television sound and vision of the trial were down to Marconi TDU ( Television Demonstration Unit)

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