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Vision Mixers

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The table below summarises the various vision mixers.


Model number  Description  Comments  Dates (approx.)  Details 
BD633  4-Channel Vision Mixer chassis    c. 1952 here 
BD841M  7-Channel Vision Mixer    < 1958 here
BD841N  Vision Mixer    < 1960 here
BD841Q  Vision Mixer    < 1963 here
BD664  Relay Vision Mixer    < 1958 here 
BD862 Studio Vision Mixer   < 1958 here
BD920  Studio Vision Mixer    1962 here 
BD934  Mobile Vision Mixer    1963 here 
B3712 Series Mixer Processing Amplifiers    1966 here
B3713  Studio Vision Mixer    < 1965 here
B3714  Mobile Vision Mixer    < 1965 here
B3717  Studio Vision Mixer    < 1968 here
B3650  Communications equipment   





c. 1966






B3714  Mobile Vision Mixer   
B3715  Television Switching system   
B3716  Uniselector Switching Panel   
B3720  Semi-Auto Master Switching system   
B3723  4-Channel Vision Mixer   
B3724  Vision Mixer   
B3740  Special Effects equipment   
B3730 Series Vision Mixer systems   c. 1980








    B3734  Digital Pattern Generator    c. 1980
    B3735  Modulator    c. 1980
    B3733  Mix / Effects Amplifier    c. 1980
    B3731  8 x 1 Switching unit    c. 1980
    B3746  Non Additive Mixer    c. 1980
    B3732  Cues Output unit    c. 1980
    B3736  Sync Comparator    c. 1980
    B3737  Delay unit    c. 1980
    B3738  Power Distribution unit    c. 1980
    B3739  Input Timing Equaliser    c. 1980



Further reading


A modular Vision Mixer system (B3730) by R.W. Fenton 1976 click here 





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