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Band IV and V Television transmitting equipment

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Model listing


The following table summarises the Band IV and V television transmitting equipment.


  Model No. Approx. Date Description Marconi Spec. sheet External reference  
  TD501B 1962 Transmitter, Band 4, 1kW yes Made by Marconi Italy  
  TD503 1962 Transmitter, Band 4, 10kW yes Made by Marconi Italy  
  BD929 1962 Video Equalising and Correction Amplifier yes    
  BD378 < 1963 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 25Kw yes    
  BD380 1964 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 10Kw yes    
  BD381 1964 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 5Kw yes     
  BD435  < 1963 Band IV/V UHF Television Aerial yes    
  BD463 < 1963 Television Drive Transmitter, Band 4/5, 10 or 75W  yes    
  B6450  1966 UHF Television Translator  yes    
    < 1969 Television Transmitting equipment  yes    
  B6405 c. 1980 Television Transposer, NM1400 series Yes    
  B6503 c. 1980 Frequency Modulator Yes    
  B7300 < 1965 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 10/75w yes    
  B7301 < 1965 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 25Kw, klystron yes    
  B7302  1965 Transmitter, Band 4/5 Vision 1kW and Sound 200W Amplifier  yes    
  B7303 < 1965 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 5Kw yes    
  B7304 < 1965 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 10kW  yes    
  B7309 / B7317 c. 1970 - 1981 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 40Kw, klystron Yes    
  B7310 1966 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 12Kw      
  B7311   Transmitter, Band 4/5, 5/10w, solid state yes    
  B7315 c. 1970 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 10Kw, klystron yes    
  B7318 1969 Transmitter, Band 4/5, 55/40Kw, klystron yes    
  B7319 1975 - 1984 Transmitter, UHF, 4Kw, klystron Yes    
  B7320 1975 - 1984 Transmitter, UHF, 10Kw, klystron Yes    
  B7321 1975 - 1984 Transmitter, UHF, 55Kw, klystron Yes    
  B7443 c. 1984 Transmitter, UHF, 10Kw, with 2Kw sound



  B7445 c. 1984 Transmitter, UHF, 15Kw, with 3Kw sound    
  B7954 c. 1984 Audio Monitor Panel yes    
    < 1965 Feeders and Auxiliary equipment  yes    
    < 1966 Feeders and Auxiliary equipment  yes    
    < 1965 Combining units, Filterplexers and Diplexers  yes    
    < 1966 Combining units, Filterplexers and Diplexers  yes    
    < 1968 UHF Feeder and Auxiliary equipment  yes    
    < 1969 Paralleling UHF Transmitters  yes    
    < 1969 UHF Transmission line equipment  yes    
  B8010 1975 - 1981 Coaxial transmission line components Yes    
  B8050 1966 Transmitter dummy load, vapour cooled Yes    
  B8052/3 1975 - 1981 Transmitter dummy load, liquid cooled Yes    
  B8120-1 1975 - 1981 FM combining units Yes    
  B8144 1968 UHF sound and vision combining unit Yes    
  B8145/7 c. 1970 -1976 UHF Aerial combining unit for up to 4 TX units Yes    
  B8152 1981 "Rotamode" UHF filter Yes    
  B8161 1975 - 1981 Television automatic change over equipment Yes    
  B8240  < 1965 UHF Television Aerial  Yes    
  B8241 1968 Aerial, UHF, circular radiation pattern Yes    
    c. 1969 UHF Transmission Line equipment  Yes    


Further marketing information




*  For a detailed technical description of the 50kW / 40kW transmitters click here.



Further information


Engineering the fourth UHF ITV channel in the UK by Derek Chambers and Robert Wellbeloved 1981 click here


A new generation of medium power TV transmitters by L.F. Howard 1981 click here


WFLD - The selection of paralleled UHF Transmitters by W.P. Kusak 1967 click here








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