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Articles - United Kingdom

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  Date Article Description Click  
  1939 Photograph of a Emitron camera installed in the Marconi studios at Alexandra Palace here  
  1950 Hospital Television here 
  1950 Just an installation by E Grass here
  1950 Calais en Fete here
  1950 BBC Documentary film here
  1950 Television flies by A Carrington here
  1950 Danger - 400,000 volts here
  1950 The circus comes to town here
  1950 The Boat Race here
  1950 TV tubes in LT tubes here
  1951 Holme Moss here 
  1951 Television goes to Scotland here
  1951 Television articles from Marconi Companies and their People (August 1951) here 
  1952 By Sound and Vision here 
  1952 Kirk O' Shotts here
  1952 Motor races televised here 
  1952 Transmitter for Wenvoe here
  1952 Spring at Holly Hill farm here
  1952 Television on a crane here
  1952 From the Commonwealth here 
  1952 The first Franco-British television programme relay here
  1953 Summer time on Bredon? here 
  1953 Television's greatest day here 
  1954 Colour demonstration conducted by Marconi here  
  1954 Colour demonstration conducted by Marconi - associated autographed posters here  
  1954 Television in Colour in 1954 by W.J. Baker here  
  1954 Crystal Palace here 
  1954 Seeing eye to eye here 
  1954 Surgical television here
  1955 Scanning the North West  here 
  1955 Personality on the Screen  here 
  1955 Windscale reactions  here 
  1955 Transmitting here 
  1955 Wembley studio centre here 
  1956 OK for Sound (Marconi Companies and their People) here 
  1957 Emley Moor transmitting station here
1957 On the Cards here
  Late 1950s Marconi participation in the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) here 
  1960 Closed circuit here 
  1960 The Producer in Television by Rudolph Cartier here  
  1960 A Grid Lighting system for TV studios by RH Hammans here  
  1960 Broadcast Transmitter design by BW MacLarty here  
  1960 How many Programmes by Paul Adorian here  
  1960 Pontop Pike FM Broadcasting Station by EW Hayes here  
  1960 Set for the Screen (Marconi Companies and their People -June 1960) here 
  1960 Sound Control (Marconi Companies and their People - June 1960) here
  1960 A Great Day (Marconi Companies and their People - June 1960) here
  1961 An article on Westward Television studio system by W Cheevers and K Hughes here  
  1961 BBC Television Centre by HW Baker, CH Colburn and H Greatorex here  
  1961 Coronation street by Harry Elton here  
  1961 Twenty five years of BBC Television by Sir Noel Ashbridge here  
  1963 New Street makes news here 
  1964 Designing for Television Production by Fred Pusey here  
  1964 Growing Points of Television by Lord Hill of Luton here  
  1964 Radio Drama by Martin Esslin here  
  1964 TW3 The Prompting Angle by Nigel Verbech here  
  1965 Z Cars by David E Rose here  
  1966 A New Master Switching System for TV West and Wales by ED Probert here  
  1966 A Versatile Television OB unit by KTD Hughes here  
  1966 Going to work in a Rolls Royce by P.R. Berkeley here  
  1966 Remotely controlled television studios by D. Tilsley here  
  1966 Thunderbirds by James Preston here  
  1966 Its a knockout  here
  1966 Television in education  here
  1967 BBC-2 Colour programmes by David Attenborough here  
  1967 Chichester - The Westward coverage by D.C. Jenkin here  
  1967 Penny Plain - Fourpence Coloured by James Preston here  
  1967 Television Network Switching by H.F. Lloyd here  
  1967 The London Educational Television Service by James Wykes here  
  1967 Vision Control at Tyne Tees Television by L. Roworth here  
  1967 Colour by Marconi  here
  1967 Introducing the new cameras  here
  1967 Made in Britain  here
  1968 Full Facilities Television by D.A. Pay here  
  1968 Operating the Mark VII Camera by N.N. Parker-Smith here  
  1968 The Impact of Television by The Rt. Hon. Lord Hill of Luton here  
  1968 The prospect for Thames by Howard Thomas here  
  1968 Yorkshire Television by P.G. Parker here  
  1968 Behind the TV scenes  here
  1968 Marconi honoured  here
  1969 The Big Switch to Colour here  
  1969 40/55kW UHF Television Transmitter by R.H.Bradbrook and F.Howard here  
  1969 Independent Television at Caernarvon by Peter Morley here  
  1969 Re-equipping a TV Centre (Granada Television) Part 1 by Derek Tilsley here  
  1969 Re-equipping a TV Centre (Granada Television) Part 2 by Derek Tilsley here  
  1969 Setting up for Colour by N.A.Porter here  
  1969 The International Broadcast Convention in London (1969) here  
  1969 Training for Colour Television by I.M.Gillespie here  
  1969 World of Sport at London Weekend Television by Jimmy Hill here  


Colour for ITN News  here
  1969 Happy landings  here
  1969 Keeping watch on the M4  here
  1969 The big switch to colour  here
  1969 The Queen opens ITN London studio centre  here
  1969 Zooming in on Lulu  here
  1970+ IBA Documents and Technical Reviews here  
  1970 Developments in Television 1945-1965 by W.J. Baker here  
  1970 Plus Ca Change by L Marsland Gander here  
  1970 Television Advertising control by Archie Graham here  
  1970 The Marconi contribution to Colour Television by Graham Green here  
  1970 The Open University by Prof. Walter James here  
  1970 Colour for the North East  here
  1971 BBC External Services Engineering by D.A.V. Williams here  
  1971 British Television encircles the world by John K. Newnham here  
  1971 In a sense a Censor by Stephen Murphy here  
  1971 News at Ten by Frank Duesbury here  
  1972 Churches Television Centre by LJM Timmins here  
  1973 BBC Television News Colour OB unit by HCJ Tarner here  
  1973 Children's Television Programming by Monica Sims here  
  1973 Don't just sit there by John Cain here  
  1973 The Graphic Designer in TV News Presentation by Malcolm Beatson here  
  1974 Independent Local Radio in the UK by Pat Hawker here  
  1974 Not just a Region - more a mini network by Mike Towers here  
  1974 Sci+ent2=Horizons by Bruce Norman here  
  1976 21 years of Independent Television by F. Howard Steele here  
  1976 DICE at ITN by PJ Marchant here  
  1976 IBA boffins at home in Hampshire by Michael Kennett here  
  1977 1946-56: An 'Eruption' of Ideas and People by Dr. Leslie C. Jesty here  
  1978 The MkIX - A Camera system for the 80s by NN Parker Smith  here  
  1979 The Mersey Pirate by N. Frisby here  
  1980 Anglia TV's new compact OB unit by P.J. Waldron here  
  1981 Engineering the fourth UHF ITV channel in the UK by Derek Chambers and Robert Wellbeloved here  
  1982 Glascow TV studio B vision systems installation for the BBC by P.A. Smith here  
  1982 The Marconi B3410 Line-array Telecine by R Matchell  here  
  1982 Remote Control of the IBA UHF Transmitters for the UK 4th Television Service by PM Hopp  here  
  1983 A Transportable Satellite Earth Station for the BBC by JMC Scott  here  
  1983 2/3-camera OB unit for ITN by I Buffman  here  
  1986 A historical survey of the Marconi Research Centre (Television extract only) by GD Speake  here
  1988 Correspondence and drawings relating to OB Vans supplied to the BBC in the 1950s here  
  1988 The UK System of Digital 2-channel Sound units with Terrestrial Television by SR Ely  here  
  2000+ Television history recreating the outside broadcast broadcasting vehicle used in the 1953 Coronation - Project VIVAT here  
  2012 The switch-off of the last analogue television station in Northern Ireland here  
  2013 Back in the Frame by Chris Edwards in IET's Engineering & Technology here  
  2015 A time capsule of the BBC at Alexandra Palace by Nick Higham  here  
  2016  Why the credits should roll for TV’s real inventor by Hamish MacPherson here   
  An overview of the Intertel system  here  




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