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Articles - other countries

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  Date Article Description Click  
  1950 Television in South Africa here 
  1952 Television on wheels for Canada here 
  1952 Television for Venezuela here 
  1953 Taking Television to Thailand here 
  1953 Italy's Television here 
  1953 Coronation re-broadcast in Canada here 
  1953 Milan television studios here 
  1953 Rome on the air here
  1954 Venezuelan O.B. here 
  1954 OB unit for Swiss Television here 
  1954 TV week in Stockholm here 
  1954 England versus Switzerland  here 
  1954 The Pisa programme here
  1958 Cameras in Khartoum here
  1961 Marconi's in Moscow here 
  1961 An OB vehicle for small stations by TW Dresser here  
  1961 New OB Unit for Switzerland by Dr. H Wehrlin here  
  1963 Cameras for U.S. Navy here 
  1963 An unattended television transmitting station by TS Robson here
  1963 Televising the 1963 world bob sled championships by TD Barritt here
  1963 Ghana looks ahead (Marconi Companies and their People - February 1963) here 
  1963 OB for New Zealand (Marconi Companies and their People - February 1963) here 
  1964 Colour television demonstration for the CCIR here  
  1964 PERT in Ghana by VS Bottoms here  
  1964 Television in Venezuela by RD Evans here  
  1965 The Ghana Story by M. Mundie here  
  1965 Planning the Ghana Television System by P. Mundie here  
  1965 Execution of the Plan (Ghana) by R. Franks here  
  1965 Ghana Short-wave Broadcasting Station by Dr. E.D. Griess here  
  1965 Power Generating equipment (Ghana) by A.J. Lund here  
  1965 Microwave Broadcast Link System in Ghana by C.A. Lewis here  
  1965 Television Programmes in Ghana by Genoveva Marias here  
  1965 Ghana and Television here  
  1965 CBC Unmanned Television Studio by GE Waters here  
  1965 A Chain of 4 Television Translators for Sweden by BG Sellin here  
  1965 Jamhuri - December 1964 coverage of Kenya's Republic Celebrations by RJ Davey here  
  1966 FM comes to Malaysia by PJ Dulley here  
  1966 Marconi at British Industrial Exhibition in Moscow  here
  1967 Bandeirantes in Brazil  here
  1967 Barbra in the park  here
  1968 Marconi at the 1968 Mexican Olympics here  
  1968 Television for a Multi-cultural Community by George Ang here  
  1968 The Mark VII Colour Camera mobile applications in the U.S. by Byron Reid-Carpenter here  
  1968 Colour among the temples  here
  1968 Mexico television  here
  1968 New Television station for Mexico  here
  1969 Jordan Television here  
  1969 Television coverage at the European Games here  
  1970 Operation SEGAS by Anastasios Lelakis abd T.D. Barritt here  
  1971 A UHF Network for the Swedish second television programme by S.E. Soderstrom here  
  1974 Broadcasting the Xth British Commonwealth Games 1974 in New Zealand by A.R. Lewis and P.E Rollo here  
  1974 Broadcasting and Television - state of Qatar by VG Jones here  
  1976 The introduction of television in South Africa by D.H. Mills here  
  1977 B3404 Telecine in New Zealand by AC Carman  here  
  1977 Engineering a TV service for British forces in Germany Part 1 by Col. P.J. Garratt here  
  1977 Engineering a TV service for British forces in Germany Part 2 by Col. P.J. Garratt here  
  1981 Television coverage of the funeral of President Tito by J. Valeie here  
  1995 The original electronic imaging system celebrated at the International Broadcast Convention in Amsterdam here  




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