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Other articles - List 1

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  Date Article Description Click  
  1951 Human links in camera chains here  
  1952 Off again with the Television Demonstration unit (TDU) here   
  1952 There's a Turkey in my bedroom here   
  1953 Now the mobile unit here   
  1954 An Approach to Colour Television - A demonstration by Marconi in London here  
  1954 Television in colour here  
  1954 The Pocket Camera  here   
  1954 The first time at sea  here   
  1955 OB Vans mobile  here   
  1955 OB programmes here   
  1956 Making the TV camera  here   
  1956 Television Studio planning by Marconi here  
  1957 Talking of Colour here   
  1960 The Marconi Mk IV Camera by BM Poole here  
  1961 The design of a Programme and Waveform Monitor by E Davies here  
  1961 Sound Programme input equipment by JG Thomasson here  
  1961 Television Transmitter development 1931 - 1936 by NE Davis here  
  1961 The Aerial and Feeder systems at Alexandra Palace by RF O'Neil here  
  1961 A Transistor Synchronising Pulse unit by RC March here  
  1961 Electronic Cue Dots by Bernard Marsden here  
  1962 New Mobile Television 4-camera and VTR Vehicles by PAT Turrall and R Robbins here  
  1962 Music in Television - The Sound Aspect by EGM Alkin here  
  1962 Uniselector Switching Panel by H Mirzwinski here  
  1962 Vidicon Cameras by WT Underhill here  
  1962 The Pilkington Report - its effect on British Television by L Marsland Gander here  
  1962 Lighting for Studio Video Cameras by I Mackenzie Hill here  
  1962 The Importance of Picture Repetition Rate in Television by SN Watson here  
  1963 One Man' Hunger by David Windelsham here  
  1963 Four years of the Mark IV by D Parkinson here  
  1963 Video amplifiers for NTSC colour by RM Garbett here  
  1963 Semi-automatic mixing facilities by WE Jeynes and NB Padwick here  
  1964 The Development of Transmitting Aerials for Bands IV and V by J. Bodonyi here  
  1964 Two new Amplifiers for Video and Pulse distribution by P.B. Helsdon here  
  1964 Television Camera mounting equipment by W.P. Vinten here  
  1964 Lighting Suspensions by KR Ackerman and PR Berkeley here  
  1964 A new Wide-band General Purpose Oscilloscope by MF Stanley here  
  1964 Programme Balance in Sound Broadcasting by R D'A Marriott here  
  1964 UHF Television Transmitters by J Sutton here  
  1964 Telecine - Simplex or Multiplex by AD Stevens in 1964 click here here  
  1964 Modern developments in Lenses for Television by PA Merigold here  
  1964 Television Transmitter testing by Sideband analysis by HC Gribben here  
  1964 A new Studio Vision Mixer (BD920) by G Fairnworth here  
  1964 New 5kW and 1kW FM Broadcasting Transmitters by PW Jinkings here  
  1964 Versatile 2-camera Television OB Vehicle by Pat Turrall here  
  1964 Comparisons between three colour television cameras by CBB Wood (BBC) here  
  1965 Zoom Lens Control by JD Bass here  
  1965 Around the Beatles by Sheila Lauder here  
  1965 Composite or Non-composite Operation by John Leeson here  
  1965 Semi-automatic Master Switcher by H Mirzwinski here  
  1965 A Compact VHF Television Transmitter by DG Jarvis here  
  1965 A new Sound Mixer for Television by DB Manning and DR Mynard here  
  1966 Colour television cameras - the designer's choice by N.N. Parker-Smith here  
  1966 A new 4-Tube colour television camera by A.N. Heightman here  
  1966 Thin-film circuit modules by E.O. Holland and Miss P.R.K. Chapman here  
  1966 Early Bird television transmission by A.T. Owense here  
  1966 New look for American Television Programmes by Sterling C. Quinlan here  
  1966 A super power MF broadcasting transmitter by J.D. Whatson here  
  1966 Printed circuit synchronising pulse generator by G.D. Iles here  
  1966 Colour Television Recording by J Roizen here  
  1966 Silicon Diodes in High Voltage Rectifiers by DF Bowers here  
  1966 Report on the CCIR meeting - Oslo here  
  1966 Lighting Control for Television by Frederick Bentham here  
  1966 Solid-state Picture and Waveform Monitor by H Mirzwinski and RW Fenton here  
  1967 Solid-state special effects equipment by R.L. Greenfield here  
  1967 MkV Communications system by J.G.T Thomasson here  
  1967 Educational Television by Willem van der Eyken here  
  1967 Hands off the Camera by Derek Law here  
  1967 Colour Television - Wardrobe and Makeup by Diana Thurley and Launa Bradish here  
  1967 High-Power UHF Television transmitter systems by P.A. Crozier-Cole here  
  1967 The Quality Assurance cycle by S.E.E. Poplett  here  
1967 Marconi television guides new missile here
  1968 Solid-state Vision and Sound Driver Transmitter by K.W. Dews here  
  1968 The Intermodulation testing of sound broadcasting transmitters by M.S. Leak here  
  1968 Girls in Television by James Paget here  
  1968 The Industrial Designer and Equipment by Douglas Scott here  
  1968 Test Charts for Television by G.D. Shevel here  
  1968 Paralleling UHF Transmitters by K.G. Baker here  
  1968 Vision Broadcasting - The Role of Satellites by J.M. Brown here  
  1968 Monosync Pulse coding by H.D. Kitchin here  
  1968 A Source Identity Generator by R.W. Fenton here  
  1968 Electronic conversion between European and North American Television Standards by E.R. Rout here  
  1968 Colour Synchronisation and Genlocking for PAL and NTSC by A.N. Heightman here  
  1968 Versatile Line Clamp Amplifier by R.L. Greenfield here  
  1968 A new pointer to progress here  
  1968 Colour camera wins award  here  
  1968 TV order breaks records  here  
  1969 Training for colour television here  
  1969 A new solid-state Vision Mixer by R.W. Fenton here  
  1969 Lighting for Colour Television by J.G. Boyers here  
  1969 Outside Broadcast Unit Planning by K.T.D. Hughes here  
  1969 Coaxial components for UHF television transmitters by R. Hutchinson here  
  1969 The inevitable questions by G.A. Isted here  
  1969 Assignment Switching by H. Mirzwinski here  
  1969 Have Pen, will Write by Warren Tote here  
  1969 CAD of UHF Television Broadcasting Aerials by RG Willis here  
  1969 The Advantage of Photo-conductive Camera Tubes for Colour Telecine by DA Pay here  
  1969 An improved Slide Illuminator here  



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