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Other articles - List 2

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  Date Article Description Click  
  1970 Automatic exposure control for Telecine by A.J. Butt here  
  1970 Handling Newsfilm in Colour by C.F.H. Teed here  
  1970 Timing Colour Studio Centres by H. Mirzwinski here  
  1970 The Choice for the 70's (MkVIII camera) by Norman Parker-Smith here  
  1970 Principles of video processing by W.T. Underhill here  
  1970 New lead-oxide tubes by P.C. Bailey here  
  1970 Programmes for minorities by Colin Shaw here  
  1970 Single valve 10KW Band II FM transmitter by J.W. Thompson here  
  1970 A new Presentation Switching system by RW Fenton here  
  1970 Swept Frequency Diagnostic Techniques for Colour Television by JF Golding here  
  1970 Integrated Circuit Colour Coder by JR Crook in 1970 click here here  
  1970 A new range of VHF Television Transmitters by DG Jarvis here  
  1970 Evolution of the Television Receiver by K Vesely here  
  1971 Automatic features of the MkVIII colour camera by D.V. Ryley and Gyongyver Claydon here  
  1971 The MkVIII camera channel - design of the video circuits by J.D. Capers and P.W. Loose here  
  1971 Television transmitter modulation systems by K.G. Baker here  
  1971 Single valve 1Kw VHF television transmitter by J.F.H. Binns here  
  1971 Developments in Communications using Satellites by T.F. Howell here  
  1971 The MkVIII colour camera - aperture correction facilities by A de Mouilpied Fremont here  
  1971 Gamma in Television by A.N. Heightman click here  
  1971 Deflexion Yokes for colour cameras by M.W. Hickman here  
  1971 A New FM Drive by M McGann here  
  1971 Transmitter Reserve Facilities by SS Spraggs here  
  1971 A UHF Multi-channel Combining unit by R Hutchinson here  
  1972 A modern concept of circuit packaging by R.H. Oddy here  
  1972 A remotely controlled camera system by R.H. Ince here  
  1972 Designing for colour television by F. Pusey here  
  1972 Wasteland or Wonderland by K Marsland Gander here  
  1972 Colorimetry in Telecine by A de M Fremont here  
  1972 Colorimetry in Television by VD Crowley here  
  1972 General Purpose Sound Amplifier by RW Fenton here  
  1972 Visual Effects - Electronic Sleight-of-hand by JM Kempton here  
  1972 The Visual Image by Barry Day here  
  1972 A new Vision-Pulse Distribution Amplifier by JW Parker here  
  1972 Camera Tubes - The Choice for Monochrome by WE Turk here  
  1972 Automation of Broadcasting Centres by H Mirzwinski here  
  1972 The Remote Operation of Broadcasting Transmitters by JF Ridgwell here  
  1972 A versatile Vision Switching unit (author unknown) here  
  1972 A new MF Drive unit by PW Vigor here  
  1972 Book entitled Diesel Engine Power by R.A. (Mick) Ford A.M. Inst. B.E. here  
  1973 A survey of Video-tape Editing by LH Griffiths here  
  1973 A new IF-Modulated UHF Drive by DT Richmond and K Dews here  
  1973 Tape and Film - A Comparison by DJ Whittle here  
  1973 A General Purpose Sound Switching unit (no author) here  
  1973 Transmitting Antennas for Band III by RG Wills here  
  1973 Operational Experience of a UHF Network by I Berntsson here  
  1973 Digititus - or What's wrong with Analogue by CNB Reis here  
  1973 Modulated MF Drive unit by JW Thompson here  
  1973 New Concept in Telecine Design by DA Pay here  
  1973 A 16mm Projector for Television by RD Revill and A Frow here  
  1973 MkVIII Telecine - Optical Systems Design by DA Pay and W Blackburn here  
  1973 The MkVIII Telecine Camera Chain by A de M Fremont here  
  1974 Developments in MF Radiator systems by Su Nolan here  
  1974 Monosync - a new Decoder (author unknown) here  
  1974 A versatile UHF Transmitter by JT Richmond here  
  1974 A Portable Camera Head for the MVIII Camera Channel by JR Crook here  
  1974 Design of a Colour OB unit by Dubravko Saric here  
  1975 Latent Heat Load for UHF Band here  
  1975 B3404 Telecine Control by the Frame Counter by JH Cox here  
  1976 Digital Sync Pulse Generator here  
  1976 A Modular Vision Mixer by RW Fenton here  
  1977 Advances in Helical VTRs for Television Broadcasting by AN Heightman  here  
  1978 Mini-mobile - the new generation of outside broadcast vehicle by J.R. Brittain here  
  1978 A New Studio OB Camera Channel by JR Crook  here  
  1978 Automatic Facilities of the MkIX Camera by Mrs GBM Claydon  here  
  1978 The MkIX Coder by RW Fenton  here  
  1978 A Compact New Band III Television Transmitter by JFH Binns, LF Howard and JF Weedon  here  
  1978 Modern Video Tape Editing by WH Orr  here  
  1979 The Design of a Novel Colour OB unit by AO Moore  here  
  1979 The MkIX Triax Camera System by GR Boustred  here  
  1979 The MkIX Portable Colour Camera by R Matchell  here  




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